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"Action" Temps

The nature of temping has changed hugely over the years. Now also commonly known as a contractor or an interim specialist, “temps” are a priceless part of the workforce.Whether it be a lifestyle choice or merely an opportunity to experience different industries, the reasons why people choose to temp are numerous. So too are the reasons why companies choose to use temps; Maternity cover, holiday cover, busy periods, sickness cover, a specialist project to name just a few. In short, in the world of the professional “temp”, temping is no longer just a stop gap for some people.

We are very proud of our “Action” temps and interim workers. We aim to build a strong relationship with every one of our temps and support you at every stage. After all, you’re representing our business! All we ask from you is that you also represent us well during your assignments and that you respect the rules, regulations and confidentiality of our clients.

Due to the fast paced nature of this market, not all of our current opportunities are advertised on our site so do send us your CV.

send us your cv refer a friend (earn £'s)

Information & FAQ's

  • your pay

    • when and how do i get paid?

      You will be paid a week in arrears by BACS directly into your designated bank or building society account. i.e. for hours worked in week 1, the monies will be paid and cleared in your account by Friday of week 2. You will also receive a payslip through the post.

    • I have a query on my pay

      Please contact our Accounts Department with the following information to hand:
      a) Client Name
      b) Week ending date of the payment you wish to query.
      They will be more than happy to look into it.

    • I think I have been overtaxed

      Please call our Accounts Department who will liaise with the Inland Revenue where appropriate.

    • I'm a limited company

      Of course you can. All you need to provide us with is:-
      a) Certificate of Incorporation
      b) Copy of VAT Certificate (where applicable)
      c) Ltd Company bank details
      An invoice from your company MUST then be submitted with each timesheet.

  • your timesheets

    • Where do I send my timesheet?

      Please email us a copy of your timesheet by close of business on the last day of the working week to our Accounts Department - jess@accountancyaction.com

      Alternatively you can always fax us your timesheet on 020 8736 0401 (Please ensure that it has been signed by the client).

    • How do I obtain a timesheet?

      You will have been sent one in your ‘Temp Starter Pack’ but if you need another you can download one from the downloads section at the bottom of this page.

  • your p45

    • contact details for our tax office

      Tel: 0845 302 1463.

      Reference Code: 582/BZ33171

    • Can I have my P45 please?

      Please e-mail us jess@accountancyaction.com giving us your name and last working day.

      Alternatively please call our Accounts Department directly on 020 8736 0400.

    • I don’t have a P45 for the current tax year

      You must complete a P46 and sign the declaration where applicable. Send this to our Accounts Department straight away to avoid being taxed incorrectly. You can find this form in the downloads section below.

AWR - candidate information: http://www.apsco.org/awr_candidate_information.aspx


send us your cv refer a friend (earn £'s)

Looking for a talented candidate to fill a current job vacancy? Simply fill out the form below and click ‘submit job’, your details will be sent to an experienced consultant who will contact you to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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  • *All placements subject to our terms of business.

Send us your CV, we’ll keep you on file and contact you with relevant vacancies we receive.

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    Lastly we need to confirm you're a human! Enter in the security code below and you're good to go.

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